Me side view B&WAfter raising two children and then a grandchild for five years, and after a range of jobs in various industries, I decided it was time to pursue something I’d enjoy. In 2006, I enrolled in a bachelor’s program for Creative Writing at SUNY Empire State College and completed my studies in December 2010. In my last year of college, I worked in the marketing department of a publishing house for children’s books. After about a year, I switched to a part-time marketing position for an insurance agency, which turned into more of a full-time position. Now, I am eager to cultivate a freelance career in writing, design and social media. I enjoy the creative side of marketing and hope to build something that is enjoyable and stable.

Because I have a love of stories and have a need to create them, I have begun to carve out more time to work on things ranging from picture books to a children’s novel. Fiction brings me the most joy and I’ve been neglecting the stories forming in my head.  No more excuses; it’s time to write.

I had a conversation with a former colleague about continuing my education. I wasn’t sure whether I would pursue a master’s in creative writing or a second bachelor’s in illustration.  Being a lifelong learner, she suggested I do both. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do just that. My goal is to write and create illustrations.

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