Burn Baby, Burn

FireplaceBuilding a fire is like anything else in life. You have to work at it. I’ve been living in upstate New York for several months and have been experiencing a fireplace for the first time. I just assumed that you piled wood, lit a match, and allowed things to run its course. Not so. Trust me, it’s a workout.

When I stand in front of the fireplace—not too close of course—it feels like the heat is giving me a body massage. It’s like you’re wrapped in a warm blanket. It’s great when the temperature drops or there’s a slight chill in the air. I’ve been told we can continue to burn a fire until the end of March or beginning of April. It depends on the weather. And we know how that’s been going.

I’ve learned how to clean out the fireplace and set up the wood. By the way, I wear gloves and it doesn’t hurt to wear a dust mask. I guess I’m a real country girl now. I can tell you that in order to get that fire going you have to learn a few tricks. The wood isn’t going to start burning by itself. I’ve discovered that you must add other things—like kindling, cardboard, or paper. But not the kind with color ink. Sorry AARP, I tried to use one of your old magazines, but it didn’t work. I really do love the magazine!

Once the fire gets going, you can sit back and relax for awhile. But every now and then, you have to move pieces of wood, add wood, or just poke at the pieces. That kind of movement brings the flames to life. There’s nothing like hearing the roar from a fireplace as the flames wake up. Burn baby, burn! How proud I was after a full day of fireplace activity. Exhausted, but proud.


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