Stuck in the Middle

myykM0i_2Feeling stuck is the worst. Feeling like things are stagnant—that nothing is moving forward in life—is hard to handle. I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel like an animal in a cage. I know things need to play out, so I try working more on what I am feeling. Sometimes, I look for ways to feel freer by changing a routine, doing something creative, or trying something new. So this morning I tried something new. I had been doing research on EFT and found a session about releasing resistance. I believe that everything is energy and so tapping on certain points of the body made sense to me. I also believe that we tend to create resistance without realizing it. The session was easy to follow and took about nine minutes.

Thinking back, I now realize that afterwards, I had a sudden burst of energy. I decided to get that one-mile walk in by heading to a local supermarket. I met an acquaintance on the way who said, “Wow, you must have found a new job. You look so refreshed! You don’t have a lot of worry anymore.” I was stunned. I knew I felt jazzed, but I didn’t realize that I “looked” any different. I told him that I had not found a new job yet, but that I was not as worried about the timing of it all. I felt more confident about things working out.

We parted ways and I headed toward the market. About two blocks into my walk I was suddenly flooded with additional story ideas for a children’s novel I’m working on. It was so powerful that I needed to pull out my tiny pad and jot them down. I had been stuck with this story. I kept writing here and there, but knew that I needed to expand on the storyline. I needed to flesh out supporting characters and strengthen the protagonist.

After jotting down all of the ideas, I started to laugh, because I knew in that moment that something had changed. There must have been resistance, because suddenly there was movement. It was no coincidence that I was told I looked “refreshed.” It was no coincidence that more ideas for my story suddenly appeared. In fact, a Theravada Buddhist told me many years ago, “There are no accidents, no coincidences. Everything is orchestrated.” It took me a long time to understand. I get it now.

I’ve had holistic, alternative therapies in the past, and I can say without a doubt that they do work. When I had medical insurance, I used to go for acupuncture, chiropractics, and therapeutic massages. I was in tip-top shape. I felt healthy and vibrant. I had friends who used to take their children to the chiropractor if they were running a fever or feeling out of sorts. It was always their first stop, before deciding to head to a conventional doctor.

So I guess I can say that there is something to EFT. I’m going to continue to investigate and will probably do more tapping on resistance or other issues when I feel I need it.

How do you deal with things when you’re feeling stuck?


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