Laws of Cause and Effect

mtJKXso_3A few times this week, the subject of karma (the laws of cause and effect) came up in conversation. I never knew that so many people embraced the philosophy. It didn’t matter their religion or belief system, most people agreed that the Universe was large and in charge. They held tightly to the belief in a causal Universe. They felt it was natural, automatic, and unavoidable.

“Call it what you will,” they said. “The results will always be the same.” Each person had a word or phrase they used to express their belief:

The Laws of Cause and Effect
What Goes Around Comes Around
Sooner or Later You Have To Pay the Piper
What You Give Out, You Get Back

People who were in the habit of committing greedy, deceitful, horrible acts vexed them. And they strongly believed in what would befall those people. Each person I spoke to was adamant about the fact that these evil doers would get it in the end. They wondered how people could live with themselves. They wondered whether they had a conscience, and how they could think that they were getting away with anything.

Everyone is capable of losing their temper. Everyone wrestles with ego. And most of the time, horrible behaviors are the result of ego based stuff. So feelings like anger, jealousy, and fear — can be a springboard for not so nice behaviors.

I wonder what would happen, if for one day EVERYONE decided to make a conscious effort to act with honor, compassion, and love. Would the world be in complete harmony?


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