The Write Time

nTh9Mm8_rgbstockI decided to create a writing schedule for myself so that no matter what, at a certain time of the day, I’d write for at least an hour. I started with an hour, because it didn’t feel as intimidating as two. Although I have read about authors who write for about two hours or more each day. I’ve chosen the end of the day, because I’m job hunting and even if I freelance, it will need to be on my own time.

I am at a stalemate with characters and the storyline for a children’s book. I’ve done my research, it happens. Sometimes the best thing to do is to put it aside and work on other things. Taking a break creates enough space so that a new perspective can develop.

As I mentioned in an earlier post (The Write Stuff) if I’m having a difficult time, I write exactly what’s on my mind instead of working on a story. Eventually it leads to something and before I know it I have a couple of pages. Sometimes I can use part of what I’ve written for a story or a blog post, and sometimes it’s just a way to clear my head.

I know. The word schedule sounds dreadful when it comes to writing, but it’s a great way to be more productive. And by writing each day, we become freer in how and what we write. It will also sharpen skills.

Set a time for writing each day or however many days out of the week you’d like. Tweak when necessary. Life gets busy and at times we all have to make changes. Try it, and see what happens.


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