Bear Naked GranolaRecently someone asked me what my favorite color was. I couldn’t answer. I’d start to mention one color, and then another would come up. I realized that I loved too many to choose just one. So I started to think about other things. I was having a heck of a time trying to list a favorite anything. I was racking my brain to find something, but there was nothing.

I can’t say my favorite color is mint green, because then I’ll have to mention periwinkle blue, coral, and a host of other colors. Then I thought about pie. I’m a dessert person. I love blueberry pie, but I also love cherry, apple crumb—you see what I mean. I can’t just name one. I’d be lying.

Favorite actor—same thing—too many whose work I admire. Is this normal? I wonder if anyone else feels the same way. No favorite song, piece of clothing, movie, author—nada. Too many to list.

Until I thought about granola. Yes, GRANOLA. That’s when I could name only one I absolutely loved. I even have this particular brand on ice cream. It’s the best! When I want to go all out, I’ll have ice cream with the granola, chocolate syrup and whip cream. So good. So delicious. It soothes the soul!

So I can say with all honesty that I have a FAVORITE something. Bare Naked Peak Protein Granola. I love it!


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