Not Laid Off – Fresh Start

fresh-start_smallerI was laid off from my job this past Monday and immediately sent an email to a former boss. When he responded, he changed the subject line to read: Not Laid Off – Fresh Start! I smiled as soon as I saw it, because that’s exactly how I felt.

Right after I was told that they were eliminating my position, I had an intense need to declutter. I started throwing things out and cleaning. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, which were getting higher and higher from stress.

Most people say “sorry,” whenever they hear that someone’s lost their job. Yet almost every single person I know who has lost a job, at one point or another, was no longer happy. There’s a tendency to stick things out hoping for improvement, or fear of not finding anything better, or for some reason opportunities are not showing up.

Sometimes it takes getting rid of the old to let in the new. It seems like there was a shift in energy the minute I was freed and that’s paved the way for new things to show up. Since being let go, it’s been a steady stream of possible opportunities. So far, I’ve applied for about eight positions.

Because I now have time, I will also concentrate on writing. I have a children’s chapter book and novel in the works—I have too many stories begging to be told. I have no idea where I will wind up on the job front. What I do know is that I’m ready for the next best thing.


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