Counting Cars

On my way to work the other day, I saw two guys—probably in their early twenties—en route on the highway. The driver had a cell phone in one hand while the other hand was navigating the wheel. Soon he had both hands on the phone and was texting. The passenger grabbed the wheel with his left hand. After a couple of seconds, he leaned in to grab the wheel with both hands.

I was horrified. All I could think about were the other cars on the road. These two idiots were taking a tremendous risk to answer a text. There are enough campaigns targeting young drivers on TV about texting and driving to scare the bejesus out of anyone, but not these two.

I had a birds-eye view because I was traveling in a Coach-style bus—you sit higher up, so you’re looking down into most vehicles. It’s brazen carelessness. And it’s not just young drivers. While waiting for the bus, I’ve seen adults driving and talking on their cell phones. If it’s an emergency, wherever they are, why can’t they pull over and put their hazard lights on? Wouldn’t that be safer? I don’t think they understand that they place EVERYONE at risk. But if they don’t care much about their own lives, they probably don’t care about anyone else’s.

I wish I had seen the young guy’s license plate; I would have called the cops to report him, or rather them. Maybe a little freak-out like that would wake them up. That’s what I think will stop people; being reported by concerned citizens. That should be the next campaign for Texting and Driving!


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