Glorious Blueberries

Elyssa after eating blueberriesSummer is soon ending here on the east coast and fresh blueberries will be harder to find. I’m a blueberry lover! I love blueberry pie. I’ll eat blueberries with ice cream or cottage cheese; drop them in a smoothie or pancake batter. My 10-month-old granddaughter Elyssa loves blueberries so much—she hums whenever she eats them.

It’s a good idea to love blueberries. One cup of those little suckers packs a punch in the fiber department. I’ve read that they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. I’ve also read that nutritionists recommend eating at least five blueberries a day. Imagine being able to enjoy fruit that’s practically fat free and low on the glycemic index.

I’ve noticed that when I’m craving blueberry pie, it’s because I need antioxidants in my system. I tested this theory. I added Selenium and Vitamin E to my daily supplements and bought organic blueberry juice and drank a glass each day. That satisfied my desire for blueberry pie.

In the past, I would have eaten an entire blueberry pie in two days with a scoop of ice cream — with each slice. Not the way to go. I would justify the crime by rationalizing that blueberries were healthy. “I’m craving blueberries,” I’d say. “My body needs them.” Then I realized that there was nothing wrong with blueberry pie, but eating it in two days with ice cream isn’t smart. So now, I only have blueberry pie once in a while. I’ll buy one slice and if I want ice cream, it’s one scoop.

So go ahead and give blueberries a try. Make muffins. Make blueberry syrup for pancakes. Get creative and enjoy them!


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